Guided Walking Tour of Brown’s Creek Trail, Stillwater, MN

Check out the photo gallery from our guided walking tour of Brown’s Creek Trail here.

Saturday, May 14, 2016, 10:00 am to Noon
Meet before 10 am at kiosk in the parking lot at Browns Creek Park
Guides: Karen Kill, Brown’s Creek Watershed District Administrator, Angela Anderson, formerly MN DNR Trails & Waterways.

Karen Richman, Brown's Creek- Stone Arch Bridge (2014)Learn more about Stillwater’s newest trail for walking and biking. This paved trail runs along Brown’s Creek, which is a trout stream and a community treasure. Walk along the trail with Karen and Angela and see the changes that have been made to preserve Brown’s Creek’s water quality and restore its aesthetics. The trail is perfect for most ages and abilities. Listen and look for birds, and enjoy the many native spring flowers. The walk will take us to the Stone Arch bridge, a historic landmark. Round-trip, this walk is about 1.5 miles, but you can walk to your ability and return to the park and wait for others yo rejoin you. Bring brown bag lunch and join us at the park after the walk. Cold drinks provided.