Welcome to Wild Ones St. Croix Oak Savanna, Stillwater, MN

St Croix Oak Savanna Wild Ones chapter sponsors monthly programs on native plants and natural landscapes.

  • Meetings are free of charge and open to the publicWe welcome all levels of plant and gardening enthusiast.
  • Our 2016 are held on the third Tuesday of the month at the  FamilyMeans Building, 1875 Northwestern Ave. in Stillwater.  Socializing begins at 6:30 pm with our speaker at 7 pm.
  • Garden tours/field trips are typically held on weekends. and occur year-round. See our Chapter Calendar for details on all programs, tours and field trips.
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  • We co-sponsor (with MN Wild Ones chapters) an annual  Design with Nature Conference, which will be held on Sat Feb 18, 2017. Save the date!


Tuesday, September 20, 2016—Heather Holm, Selecting Native Trees and Shrubs that Support Pollinators

Heather HolmWhile most trees are wind-pollinated, the ones that are insect-pollinated provide important forage for pollinators, especially in early spring. Learn which canopy trees, small trees, and shrubs are insect-pollinated, and the types of pollinators each plant attracts. Factors influencing pollinator visitation, including flower structure, flower resources, flowering phenology, and the plant community where the woody plant occurs, will be discussed.

Heather Holm is a local author, landscape designer, and consultant specializing in pollinator landscapes and native landscape restorations. She is a passionate advocate for the use of native plants to attract and support pollinators, beneficial insects, and wildlife in residential and commercial landscapes, organic farms, and restored landscapes.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016—Holley Wlodarczyk, Bringing the Natural Aesthetic Home- Our Changing Local Landscape

Landscaping choices are turning from manicured Wlodarczyk, Parkers Picnic, Bloomington (2015)monoculture lawns accented with imported
shrubs, to diverse native plant communities that provide natural beauty with the added benefits of wildlife habitat, pollinator support, and improved water quality. Join us for an inspiring look at the many ways our communities are “bringing nature home” — from adding pocket gardens in individual yards to extensive prairie, savanna, woodland and wetland restoration of entire neighborhoods, corporate campuses, and public parks

Holley Wlodarczyk, Wild Ones member and student of suburban culture, will discuss her research on local changes in the aesthetics of landscaping. With examples from Washington County and the metro area, Holley will highlight native plant communities being installed in residential, commercial, and civic settings.